Achieving success requires a determined leadership structure reflectng the importance of digital transformation. The strategic plan must reflect a cross-functional basis of support to ensure optimal performance. The CEO has to assess the executive team's capacity for change and move quickly to address gaps in capacity.  The leadership team will need to demonstrate new behaviors for success. Employees have to be involved and totally committed.  It is the broader teams that will be actively reshaping  the  business while still running the day-to-day business.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, no company can “do it all.”  A digital transformation requires the team to build and support an ecosystem of  partners, suppliers, experts, and customers  with specific industry expertise and capabilities. The transformation requires the executives to help  their teams continue to drive the business today and align for tomorrow, all while resolving business problems along the way.

Effective open communication is imperative throughout the process. Teams should be empowered to take responsible risk. Demonstrating progress is critical.  Equally important is creating an environment where failure is just one more challenge to be overcome so as not to create fear.  Revisions along the way are an opportunity to strengthen the results. 

We at The Barkley group know through experience that the scope of a digital transformation requires a complete design of the business processes with a focus on customer scenarios, technical requirements, supply chain requirements, and organizational capacity.

Our role is to help you create an implementation plan that prioritizes those efforts that will create the greatest value and ROI.