Digital transformation is more than just technology; it's about remodeling businesses to be agile, innovative, and customer centric at their core.

The culture has to embrace the concept of “what is possible”  to allow  the organization to connect dots and overcome internal business silos.  Digital transformation will impact every industry in different ways from business goals to the underlying fabric of the organization.

To transform a company you must have a culture open to new ideas and different perspectives. As a leader, you need to actively draw those ideas out and create an environment that allows them to flourish. Reach down and search for good ideas wherever they come from
— Linda Zecher - Keynote - The Conference Board & US Navel Academy Leadership Excellence Summit July 2006

The Barkley Group provides a strategic framework that guides opportunity discovery, strategy formulation driven by risk assessment, transformation plan creation, and effective implementation. 

Every company is unique in their customer success journey. We tailor our framework to provide an actionable strategy focused on growth and continuous innovation that scales for long term success.

The cost of acquisition of digital customers is high.  Beyond the immediate opportunities of acquiring new customers you need a world class Digital Customer Experience.  This is achieved by  intentionally creating  a customer-centric perspective and methodology into all aspects of the enterprise.

By the end of 2017, two-thirds of the CEOs of Global 2000 companies will have digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategy
— IDC FutureScape: Worldwide IT Industry 2016 Predictions — Leading Digital Transformation to Scale, Nov 2015, Doc # 259850
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