Digital transformation is more than just a technology shift.  It is about transforming business models to address changing customer requirements.  Improving the customer experience is the priority along with improved efficiency to drive business success.  It is a journey, not a destination. 

It starts with key metrics that have significant impact on outcomes, and can be clearly measured to ensure success.  Organizational alignment around the strategy is critical, but a successful implementation also requires the right people, process and technology. 

At the Barkley Group we focus on the journey:

  •     Do you have the right people with the skills necessary for a changing business model? 
  •     Do you have the technology platforms in place to support the strategy?
  •     How quickly can the culture absorb the shift? 
  •     What are the short and long term impacts on the organization?
When we ask executives to identify the most important factor in determining success as a digital business, they didn’t pick one single factor, but rather multiple success factors, each dependent upon the others.
— Forrester, “The Key Success Factors Of Digital Business Strategy, 2016,” March 1, 2016, Nigel Fenwick