What makes us Unique in the Industry

We are a seasoned team of former C-suite executives that are transformative leaders with experience guiding digital transformations, structuring financial turnarounds, aligning management teams, leveraging industry innovation and achieving results through operational excellence. We believe that winners in today’s economy have a bold focused digital strategy aligned to assets, a strong nimble leadership team, and a laser focus on the customer.

Investing in a Digital Strategy


Digital transformation is no longer tomorrow’s issue but today’s reality.  

To be successful requires a bold, determined strategy. We find that organizations often spread scarce resources across simultaneous opportunities in areas such as products and services, sales and marketing, back office processes, and supply chain optimization.

These are important areas of transformation, but because of the broad array of available paths, successful transformation requires precise targeting. With focus not only on ROI but also on the impact on revenue and profit growth, resource allocation must  support the best–often singular—path.

An important element of any digital transformation strategy is tight alignment with corporate goals. Alignment opens up significant visibility to identify potential competitive threats, adapt actions based on opportunities, and coordinate execution across multiple departments. Most importantly it provides the agility to scale quickly and maximize investments.

As an example, front office and customer facing digital transformation efforts are attractive entry level investments. Our experience shows, however, that while front office improvements may enjoy a positive ROI and improve EBIT they generally have little impact on increasing revenue. If revenue growth is a priority, then other options should be considered.

We know that when companies overreach digital transformation without a clear strategy, appropriate assets, and full platform capabilities, negative returns are virtually assured. 


Operational Excellence


Winners in this digital transformation are companies that focus their goals and behaviors around a tight organizational alignment across the entire enterprise to allow for a single view of the customer.

As corporate strategy and the evolving digital strategy converge,  organizational and process changes are required to address the new paradigm.



Customer Experience


Customer success is complex and requires an integrated customer experience. It begins by modeling the customer journey and defining roles and process for delivery of a fully integrated customer experience.

Key drivers impacting customer success are new pricing models (eg. subscriptions) and enlightened customers with higher expectations of service.  While it may be a challenge for companies to fund an end-to-end high level of service to meet expectations, it is also an opportunity to add revenue driving value-added services throughout the customer lifecycle.