Customer Centric Operating Model

Making the customer experience the center of the operating model

Companies that embrace a digital transformation have the opportunity to rethink their entire operating model as they work backward from the customer experience.  Rather than getting side tracked with small incremental improvements they can optimize the entire organization around new business models that are grounded in the customer experience.

Linking the customer journey to the organizational design and infrastructure allows for a better understanding of the real business costs of value creation from the customers view.  This will have the greatest impact on improving the customer experience while returning the expected ROI back to the company.

This is not a minor undertaking and there are numerous challenges to overcome in order to achieve the results  The lack of a centralized strategy, an over reliance on IT, cultural challenges,  internal silos, and new skill sets all have to be addressed in the new model.  To achieve an outstanding customer experience requires strong digital leaders throughout the organization who understand the customer and can work collaboratively across the organization.  Success requires leaders that put the customer and the company first.

Eliminating issues and streamlining the organization will unlock value and create an environment of innovation and excitement.  It becomes the driver for simplifying everything from product development to the customer experience.